Access to equity and institutional investors.

Strong presence in the most relevant markets of the world.

Exclusive joint ventures with the world’s best technology providers.

Access to proprietary technologies.

Management team that founded and successfully managed some of the world’s largest publicly traded energy companies.

Development & acquisition team with a combined experience of over a 100 years and more than 60 Billions USD worth of developed & acquired projects.

Direct support by an advisory committee that groups world renowned authorities from the district energy, renewable, utilities & private equity industries.


Nerium believes that current market conditions present a unique and attractive opportunity to develop, acquire and aggregate District Energy and Waste to Energy assets, to build a regional portfolio that could generate substantial returns to its shareholders. Volatile prices of fossil fuel, depleting natural resources and increasing awareness of global warming are creating environmental policies to reduce emissions of air pollution, greenhouse gases and ozone-depleting refrigerants. In this landscape, District Energy and Waste To Energy industries are uniquely positioned to grow from a trend to a necessity.

District Energy

In most of the Middle East and North Africa “MENA” region temperatures severely fluctuates and air-conditioning and heating requirements consume high percentage of the power during peak electricity demand. Furthermore, rapidly expanding populations, steady economic growth and heavy subsidies will continue to drive up the MENA region energy demand. Electricity demand is projected to grow by two-and-a-half time by 2030. The big investment requirements projected for power generation, transmission and distribution are creating big burdens on the Governments who are looking to the private sector for alternative solutions. In this market, District Energy is emerging as the most viable solution.

Waste to Energy

Growing Population, economic prosperity and industrialization in the Middle East and North Africa “MENA” region have been contributing to the ever- increasing municipal solid wastes. Landfills through out the region have been overflowing, forcing governments to rethink ways to dispose of waste. Countries In the Mena region are counted among the world’s largest waste producers. Planners in the region recognize that recycling alone will not be enough, and are moving forward with using waste-to-energy plants as a landfill alternative. Open dumping is the most prevalent mode of municipal solid waste disposal in most MENA countries today. Existing landfill sites are under pressure and sometimes are not sufficient to manage the huge volume of waste generated.


Nerium’s management team founded, successfully managed and developed some of the world largest publicly traded district energy & power companies.

Collectively, the team has accumulated over 100 years of experience and developed, closed and managed infrastructure assets worth over USD 50 billions in four continents. The Management team is led by Dany Safi. Before founding Nerium, Mr. Safi was founder and CEO of the world’s largest district cooling company, Tabreed. Dany Safi founded and built Tabreed from a Greenfield operation realizing constant profits and returns in excess of 160% to the initial investors and led its very successful public listing. Dany Safi introduced District Energy to the MENA region and built, operated and managed DE systems in many parts of the region including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Jordan. Most Management team held executive positions and lived in the MENA region.


Nerium will be supported by a unique advisory committee formed by an independent and inter-industry body of world-renowned innovators, industry leaders and thinkers.


The advisory committee will give recommendation and advise to the management of Nerium and will help in strategically steering this initiative.


The committee will foster a climate of discussion where the best minds in the fields will help Nerium will Generate, debate and test new ideas and concepts.


Nerium fosters a culturally diverse work force. We are united by our commitment to create a sustainable world, a healthier environment and a better quality of life. Nerium is an equal opportunity employer.

Nerium is growing

We are dedicated to identifying professionals who want to develop their potential in an intellectually stimulating, environmentally committed & professionally rewarding setting. If you share our aspirations and you have the right skills in any of the following areas:

Project Development

Mergers & Acquisition

Project Finance

Administrative support

Financial Modeling


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