The resource & technology

Nerium will develop projects that couples, integrates and uses the latest technologies tailored to the challenges of every site optimizing efficiency, durability, and reliability.


Abundant, Affordable, Clean & Reliable.

The application of district energy technologies is site-specific. Every site has its own
criteria, challenges, and technology requirements. Nerium has the resources,
the unique development expertise and the exclusive relations with the world
leading technology providers to be able to the most efficient solution

Waste to Energy Solution

The Company’s, through its consultants, has conducted an initial technical assessment comparing and evaluating the different commercially available and technically proven technologies following a certain set of criteria that includes diversion rate of recycled products from landfill, environmental impacts, financial feasibility, production of other marketable products and contribution to long term municipal disposal plans. The preliminary findings and assessments shows that while incineration is currently the most widely deployed among these conversion technologies, that gasification, is best suited for conversion of municipal solid waste in the Mena region.The company has focused on gasification technologies and has proprietary relations with companies that have proven technologies, a successful track record and a number of commercially operating assets

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